CIH Equipment Company, Inc.

We’re a team of scientists, technicians, engineers, and producers whose skills are matched only by our dedication. Our hard work put us on the map, and our commitment to scientific accuracy keeps us there. We strive to put that same level of energy into everything we touch, whether maintaining equipment for a multinational industrial business or working with a local consultant.

What We Do

The approach to equipment repair and calibration is engaging, strives for trueness of results and integrates the highest level of creativity and technology. You may recognize our commitment to the foundation of metrology while our clients know us as a committed partner who delivers every time—on time, on budget, and above expectations. We're exceedingly committed to the excellence of our work and to the quality of the relationships we build.

A2LA ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

We’re proud to be a leader in Industrial hygiene calibration. We are A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and deemed by the international standard to be technically competent and recognized as a calibration laboratory. Year after year, we successfully pass the audits and proficiency testing required of competent successful laboratories. Our calibration procedures are centered on the latest techniques from industry standards, government organizations and professional groups. Our proprietary metrology management program provides quality calibration, documentation and tracking for every piece of equipment.

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The Team

Dr. David J. Silver, B.S., M.S. Ph.D., CIH

As the founder and Director of CIH Equipment Company, Dr. Silver strives for perfection in all of the laboratories he has designed.  “Delivering accurate results and comparisons are the most important features of our laboratories.  We specialize in industrial hygiene calibrations and accurate measurement data is imperative to keep workers and the public safe from dangerous environments”.  Being in the field as a Certified Industrial Hygienist, (4319), has led to an innate understanding of recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards in the workplace and community.  With an education in chemistry, industrial hygiene and toxicology, His experience as an industrial hygiene chemist at Clayton Environmental Consultants and industrial hygienist at General Dynamics, and consultant, allowed him to pursue his dreams of opening up a laboratory and serving the public.  Currently, Dr. Silver directs the technical aspects of the laboratory, leads the team, and is involved with the daily operation of the business.

Pamela Bittaker

Pamela Bittaker is our Operations Manager and heads to Accounting Department.  With a degree in accounting, she has a tremendous acumen for both business and finance.  She has 20+ years’ experience with Auto Dealerships as a management figure in their Accounting and Finance Departments.  Also supported a major law firm and a not for profit Museum.  She has an open door policy with the employees and customers alike.

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