Air Sampler Calibration Services

An important component of sampling air is the sampler itself. Consider the error when calculating an airborne concentration based off of sampling results and comparing to a permissible exposure limit. The NIOSH or OSHA sampling and analytical technique stipulates precision of the method and standard error of the method. In the analytical portion, a filter must be weighed or digested, a sorbent tube desorbed and done so with a stated efficiency of the particular media and technique. When the mass quantity of the chemical becomes known, the exposure concentration is derived from the mass and the volume of air taken in. That is where the air sampler comes in. How much variation was there in the flow? Are the pneumatics gummed up? Does the battery allow for sampling the full shift? Does the sampler fault unnecessarily?
Whether to comply with standards or to determine safe concentrations for workers and the public to breathe, well maintained air samplers can mean the difference between accurate data and someone's health. Government agencies such as OSHA and Center for Disease Control recognize proper maintenance as regular calibration at a specialized facility.
CIH Equipment will get your air sampler in top condition. We want to make sure that your air sampler, before it leaves our laboratory, can operate at the correct flow rates, the pneumatic system is clean, the motor is trustworthy, the battery lasts, and the fault sensors are in proper operating mode. Our air sampler laboratory is set up to determine flow range, static head pressure versus flow, and well-functioning fault sensors. Pneumatic systems are evaluated for function, wearable parts and NIST Traceable flow and pressure standards.
Personal sampling pumps must adhere to ISO 13137:2013, which sets limits for required flow stability, as well as maximum pulsation levels. The standard provides a comprehensive framework that specifies test methods to determine performance of air sampling pumps, and ensures environmental influences such as air pressure and temperature have a minimal effect on the accuracy of the sampled air, which in turn could affect sample results.
Special features of our air sampling pump laboratory at CIH Equipment Company:
-  Maintain steady state flow for accurate volumes
-  Assure that the air sampler works and stays functional throughout the entire testing period
-  Compliance with ISO 13137:2013
-  We are A2LA ISO 17025 Accredited

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