Breath Analyzer Calibration Services

Alcohol mixed with driving, forklifts and heavy machinery endangers the driver's life and others. That is why we felt it was important to offer breathalyzer calibration as a service. Calibration documentation of your breathalyzer can mean courtroom success or failure. You must be able to show accurate data to support your case.
We calibrate with a Dry Gas standard (ethanol) or with Wet Bath standard. With our Wet Bath, we are able to create a solution to test 0-1.0% (BAC) blood alcohol concentration levels. By using the Wet Bath standard, we are more accurate than other labs that only calibrate by using the Dry Gas standard. Need dry gas? Find dry gas and a variety of other calibration gases at our EGas Depot store
EGas Depot offers BAC (ethanol) gas for your daily bump testing. Our gas is approved by DOT for concentrations from .019 up to .21 with an accuracy +/-02.002BAC. The gas is stored in a steel 105-liter cylinder with a top pressure of 1,050 psi and a C-10 inlet. The standard ppm that we offer is 208.3 ppm and 260.5 ppm. If you need a different concentration, let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your needs. Please click here to review our EGas Depot BAC gases.

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