Gas Meter Calibration Services

A gas meter measurement may make the difference between life and death. Many are used in toxic atmospheres that may cause illness or permanent damage. That is why it is imperative that you have an annual gas meter checkup along with the usual bump testing that is done before a measurement event takes place.
Recently, OSHA published a bulletin specifically addressing the need for regular calibration of direct reading gas detectors. Although it is not a standard or regulation, the bulletin is a clear recommendation to follow guidelines put forth in the position statement released by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) on instrument calibration for gas detectors used in confined spaces.
At CIH Equipment, we take great care to ensure that your gas monitor has the proper stated air flow, has good working sensors, pneumatic system check, that the batteries are healthy, and that the entire unit is up to original specifications. Aging sensors, a crippled pump, or short life batteries can leave you in the lurch and stop the project or worse. Full gas detector calibration services and repairs go a step farther than a functional bump test and ensure maximum accuracy of the instrument if performed successfully. Using a known comparison of test gas, the gas detector reading is compared to the actual concentration of the gas and then adjustments are made to the readings if they do not match.
Most manufacturers recommend 6 month to 1 year calibration intervals.
We are able to accommodate most gases and some unusual ones as well.


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