Gauss Meter Calibration Services

Accurate readings are essential for measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wiring or power lines, magnetic fields around critical equipment or to measure magnetic shielding performance. It is also commonly used to monitor levels near power lines, electrical appliances, industrial devices, and electrical circuits. 
·         Range: 7 to 21 Gauss and 300 to 2,000 Gauss
·         Axial and transverse probes
Sensitive measuring equipment such as gauss meters periodically require calibration to continue to give valid readings. Incorrect readings are not always obvious and can result in lost time and effort. The calibration process involves adjusting the meter in reference to a magnet with a known flux density, ensuring the highest degree of accuracy possible. We employ a NIST traceable F.W. Bell 7300 Gauss Meter, F.W. Bell Standard Reference Magnets and a Tesla Coil for lower Gauss comparisons.

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