Mercury Vapor Calibration Services

We have all heard about it before, school closes down for a broken thermometer and massive cleanup.  Or how about unusual places where one finds mercury such as in a coal fired power plant or in a mining operation.  These are all work places where due to unforeseen circumstances mercury exposure occurs.  
Mercury affects the body acutely with large exposures or chronically as a neurotoxin.  The dangers are real and so are the cleanups that are expensive and data driven.  That is why a mercury vapor analyzer is the best screening tool for incidences and cleanups.  Precise, accurate mercury vapor measurements are important to ensuring a safe environment during hazardous cleanups, spills, and industrial uses.
Our mercury vapor analyzer calibration lab employs the best available practices for calibration of these specialized instruments. We use a highly accurate permeation trace gas generator verified by instrumentation with a sensitive detection method, UV absorption (CVAAS) in three ranges, 0-100, 0-1000, and 0-2,000ug/m3. The generator can deliver precise concentrations (micrograms to milligrams per cubic meter) by varying the chamber temperature and flow rate. Sensitivity is 0.1 ug/m3. 
Filters are tested and if replacement is required, optional purchases for OEM and Non OEM filters are provided.
Rest assured your mercury instrument will go through a thorough inspection, prior to calibration.  So send in yours today!





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