Miran Sapphire Calibration Services

Foxboro and Thermo Scientific are no longer supporting the MIRAN SapphIRe as of 10/31/2020. CIH Equipment Company can calibrate, change the calibration date and provide replacement filters on MIRAN SapphIRe models 205A and 205B. NIST traceable calibrations are done in our A2LA ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory.



Agencies throughout the United States and worldwide use the MIRAN SapphIRe 205A and 205B to identify organic vapors in the workplace, office settings, and hospitals. The MIRAN is specific to many organic vapors and sensitive enough to compare to permissible exposure limits and other standards. The MIRAN SapphIRe is a multi-gas detection system that can detect and quantify numerous common organic (and many inorganic) gases. This instrument is used by industrial hygienists, emergency response professionals, indoor air quality specialists, regulatory agencies and research scientists to quickly identify unknown airborne compounds quickly and on-site.
Your MIRAN Analyzer will undergo calibration that covers the full infrared range of the instrument. We use either NIST traceable gases or depending on the model, injection of a known quantity of liquid that is immediately transformed to vapor in the process. We have the means and know how to change the calibration date on your analyzer so that there is no confusion as to if or when it was calibrated. CIH Equipment is an A2LA Accredited ISO 17025-2017 laboratory using the good standard metrology calibration practices under our quality control system.

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