Calibration and Equipment Repair

  • Sound Level Meters
  • Noise Dosimeters
  • Air Samplers
  • Field Flow Calibrators
  • Gas Detectors
  • Velocity Meters
  • Indoor Air Quality Meters
  • Heat Stress Monitors
  • Temperature / RH
  • Particle Counters
  • Dust Monitors
  • Flow Hoods

Heat Stress Monitor Calibration Laboratories

We calibrate and verify the performance of your heat stress monitors using best practice metrology methods. Our procedures are designed to maximize the accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of your heat stress monitor. Heat stress monitors can be sent to CIH Equipment for calibration to NIST standards. A Certificate of Instrument Calibration will be issued only if the heat stress monitor, along with all three of its sensors, have passed calibration.

Heat stress monitors calibration of wet bulb, dry bulb, and globe temperature in our Thermotron controlled temperature and relative humidity chamber.  Our reference standards are Vaisala for relative humidity and Instrulab for outstanding precision temperature comparisons.

We also make use of the Mitchell S503 for calibrating humidity sensors, transmitters, and portable devices to quickly and accurately generate a stable humidity to validate or calibrate sensors. Highlights • Generates stable humidity levels between 5–95% RH.  We use an independent traceable reference hygrometer and the port sizes are available to fit almost any RH sensor.

Why calibrate your heat stress monitor?

  • Your heat stress monitor is compared against our reference standards at set temperature and relative humidity points.
  • Our procedures are designed to maximize the accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of your temperature and RH measuring instruments.
  • Our standards are NIST traceable and our lab is ISO 17025 accredited.

Heat Stress Monitors

A heat stress monitor comprised of a thermometer tube having at least a black globe-bulb and a wet-bulb therein and adapted to provide a direct reading of wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT). The inclusion in the tube of a dry-bulb makes the monitor particularly adapted to measuring WBGT outdoors. The thermometer tube is in the form of a single tube and the bulbs are disposed in series therein with an extension part extending beyond the bulbs to permit a direct reading to be taken of the position of a thermally responsive medium in the tube.

Heat Stress Calibration

At CIH, we follow NIST traceable standards. Our trained technicians take a very thorough and detailed approach to servicing and calibrating your heat stress monitor. We're as concerned for worker safety as you are.A functional test is the initial step in diagnosing the current condition of the heat stress monitor. An instrument calibration, involving testing sensors by an NIST traceable standard, to ensure the unit is functioning and reacting based on a set of guidelines in accordance manufactures standards.

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