All orders are received within in a one or two business days from being dropped off to us, depending on the volume of orders received. 

If you have a rush order, provide us with the tracking number ahead of time so we can watch for it. Also, add the word RUSH to the attention line on the shipping label.

We take pictures of all order when they come in to confirm what was received and if there was any damage during shipping. 

You will receive a service order confirmation to whomever is listed as the shipping contact.  Please open the attachment and confirm all is correct.


CIH strongly recommends using the supplied protective case or double walled boxes for all shipments. Products shipped without a case are not subject to warranty claims.  Shipping insurance is recommended but not required.

CIH uses FedEx and UPS for our return shipping.  You may ship your equipment to us by FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, or freight.  

As with receiving your equipment, we take pictures of the equipment before it is shipped back to show what is being returned and the condition.

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