Accelerometer / Vibration / Shock

We calibrate to verify amplitude linearity, frequency, or high shock impact testing. Calibrations are NIST traceable in our A2LA ISO 17025:2017 laboratory. 


Accelerometer Testing Capabilities:

-  Frequency Range: 10Hz. to 10kHz.

-  Shock Testing Capability: 100g to 2000g


Vibration Meter Testing Capabilities:

-  Frequency Range: 10Hz to 1280Hz

-  Acceleration: up to 100m/s²

- Velocity: up to 150 mm/s

- Displacement: up to 2000μm

Accelerometer and Vibration Meter Calibration Services at CIH Equipment Company:

The accelerometer lab at CIH Equipment uses the Bouche Lab's Model 5000C 'Comparison Accelerometer Calibration System' to calibrate piezoelectric accelerometers. Our lab is also equipped with a primary vibration standard shaker (Model 1000A) also manufactured by Bouche Labs. The armatures in these pneumatic shakers are made of beryllium to reduce transverse errors and provide superior high-frequency performance. The standard reference accelerometer is built inside the shaker which drastically increases accuracy. 


Vibration is considered to be made up of two independent physical quantities namely, amplitude and frequency. So, depending on the type of vibration meter, a meter can determine its amplitude factor using displacement, velocity or acceleration. We are capable of checking each of these physical quantities.


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