Force/Torque Calibration

CIH Equipment Company offers ISO-accredited torque calibration service for your screwdrivers and torque wrenches. Drop off, pick up, or ship to us. Free pickup and delivery for 10 or more torque wrenches and screwdrivers (20 Mile limit).


An accurate wrench demands good maintenance, regular testing, and proper torque calibration. At CIH Equipment Company, your equipment will be expertly calibrated by our trained experts.


Our torque transfer standards are AKO Torquemaster, Tohnichi loader, Snap-On loader, CDI Deadweight Tester, Sturtevant torque arm deadweight tester, Norbar transducer set, and Mountz calibrators. We offer accredited calibrations up to 1000 lbs.

Your torque wrench is typically built to maintain tolerances at thousands of cycles. Calibration can be timed or based on the number of cycles. CIH Equipment has been  a reliable ISO 17025-2017 torque calibration company since 1993, so you can trust us for reliable calibration and lab testing services of your torque wrenches and screwdrivers.

We provide wrench and screwdriver testing lab services on many different models including but not limited to the following: Stanley, Sturtevant Richmont, Powerbuilt, Lezyne, Klutch, Evercraft, SK Hand Tools, Capri, eTork, Mac Tools, Mountz, Tohchini, Durofix, ACDelco, Lexivon, Craftsman, Texton, Pittsburg, Presa, Quinn, EPAuto, Titan, Husky, Gearwrench, Armstrong, Kobalt, CDI, Snap-On, JS Technology, Tooluxe, K Tool, EverTough, Proto, OEMTools, Columbia, Autocraft, Gedore/Rahsol, EPAuto, Penncraft, Blitz, Apco Mossberg, Stahlwile, Duralast, Digitork, Bulltools, KD Toos, Utica Steelman, Precision Instruments, and Blackhawk.


In development and soon to be offered, will be calibration and repair services on your hydraulic wrenches, multipliers, and bolt tensioners. Our load cell calibration is forthcoming and is an extension of our current ergonomic push pull force gauge laboratory.

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