Dust / Gravimetric Meters

Dust monitors are important screening tools for industrial hygiene surveys, occupational exposures, construction sites, and environmental monitoring. Dust monitors work on an optical principal and alogorithm. This is why different dust monitors from different manufacturers read the dust differently. For some calibrations, a control factor will be provided so that you adjust the reading to receive a more accurate dust measurement.


The actual dust that you are measuring, whether it is outdoor construction dust or industrial dust of some material, will have its own particle density and distribution. For more accurate readings, your dust monitor would provide more accurate readings with the actual dust when calibrating. Otherwise, the standard ISO dust is used as a surrogate for the actual dust you are sampling. That is why dust monitoring is a screening tool.  For more accuracy, gravimetric sampling is recommended.


Dust Monitor Calibration at CIH Equipment:

Our A2LA ISO 17025 accredited dust calibration lab is based on comparison with a gravimetric standard, the gold standard for dust calibrations. We use a negatively pressurized chamber and a constant feed dust generator and ISO test (ISO 21103-1) particle size distribution dust (Arizona Road Dust).


Our trained technicians take a very thorough and detailed approach to servicing and calibrating your dust monitors. Technicians first conduct a thorough inspection to ensure proper flow rate and that mechanical factors are in good working condition. The device’s optics, filters and inlet ensembles are cleaned before/after calibration. If required, filters are also changed at this time. After calibration is complete, all components will be cleaned again.


It recommended that in most applications, dust monitor calibration is done on an annual basis, however, there may be instances where more frequent or multiple calibration exercises are required, such as due to periodic process changes.


Our Range Capabilities:

Accreditated Range - (1.0 to 60) mg/m3

NIST Traceable Range - (1.0 to 150) mg/m3

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