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Air Velocity Meter

We offer the following ventilation test meter calibration services –


•            Thermo and hot wire anemometers, rotating vane, swinging vane, and pitot style.

•            A2LA ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory.    (View our scope here)

•            NIST traceable standards

•            GDJ, Omega, and TSI Wind tunnels capable of going as low as 50 fpm when using orifice plates and up to 9,500 fpm stable flow.

•            Function check of fault sensors

•            Ability to calibrate other sensors RH, Temp, Pressure, CO, CO2

•            Batteries checked and replaced as needed


Ensuring accurate data of your velocity measurement equipment means better ventilation engineering controls for reducing worker exposures.   We, at CIH Equipment, take calibration and repair seriously knowing that workers health & safety are at stake.



Air velocity lab, wind tunnel, Flotek


Brands we calibrate but not exclusive: Alnor, Airflow, Amprobe, CEM, Cole Palmer, Control Co, Davis, Digi Sense, Dwyer, Extech, Fieldpiece, Fisher Scientific, Fluke, General Tools, Graywolf, Kanomaz, Kestrel, Kimo, Kurz, Mannix, Omega, Pacer, Reed, Schiltknecht, Shortridge, Solomat, Sper Scientific, Testo, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tif, TPI, TSI, UEI, VWR, Zefon


Expedite services are available for a fee: 24, 48, 72 hour rush service.  Our standard turn-around time is seven to ten business days.


CIH offers NIST Traceable calibrations, NIST with as found data and Accredited calibration services for 20 – 40% less than the OEM.  


Some repairs offered such as sensor and battery replacement.  Evaluaton fee of $121.90 will be charged is calibration cannot be performed.  Our labor fee is $157.55 per hour.  All calibrations come with a 60 day warranty on the calibration.


You can now search three different ways to find your model. 

At the top by using the search button, below with the price list, or through the RMA listings.

Pricing list effective 01/01/2023
Manufacturer and ModelNISTw/As FoundAccredited
Model not listed? Call for quote
A $60.00 charge represents system check only
Alnor 9850 Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Alnor 9870 Air Velocity Meter157.55196.94204.82
Alnor 9880 Thermal Anemometer209.30261.63272.09
Alnor APM 150 Air Velocity274.85343.56357.31
Alnor AVM 360190.9238.63248.47
Alnor AVM430190.90238.63248.47
Alnor AVM440256.45320.56333.39
Alnor AVM440-A345.10431.25448.50
Alnor CF930250.70313.38325.91
Alnor Rotation Vane121.90152.38158.47
Alnor RVA+177.10221.38230.23
Alnor RVA501177.10221.38230.23
Alnor RVA801143.75179.69186.88
Alnor RVD274.85343.56357.31
Alnor Velometer 6000385.25481.56500.83
Alnor Velometer AVM410157.55196.94204.82
Amprobe TMA-21HW140.30175.38182.39
CEM DT-619 Thermo Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Cole Parmer 37955-10233.45291.81303.49
Control Company 4330 Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Control Company 4330CC140.30175.38182.39
Davis LCA 6000140.30175.38182.39
Davis Turbo Meter140.30175.38182.39
Digi-Sense 20250-15140.30175.38182.39
Digi-Sense 20250-16140.30175.38182.39
Digi-Sense 20250-23140.30175.38182.39
Digi-Sense 20250-30 Thermohygrometer140.30175.38182.39
Dwyer 470140.30175.38182.39
Dwyer 471223.1278.88290.03
Dwyer 480177.1221.38230.23
Extech 407113140.30175.38182.39
Extech 407114140.30175.38182.39
Extech 407123140.30175.38182.39
Extech 451112140.30175.38182.39
Extech 451126140.30175.38182.39
Extech 45160140.30175.38182.39
Extech 45170242.65303.31315.45
Extech AN100208.15260.19270.6
Extech AN200208.15260.19270.6
Extech AN340205.85257.31267.61
Extech AN500208.15260.19270.60
Extech Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Extech CFM 407119A140.30175.38182.39
Extech HD300256.45320.56333.39
Extech Hot Wire Anemometer140.3175.38182.39
Extech Hot Wire Anemometer and Thermistor157.55196.94204.82
Extech Mini Anemometer 45118224.25280.31291.53
Extech Mini Thermo-Anemometer140.3175.38182.39
Extech SDL300140.30175.38182.39
Extech SDL350140.30175.38182.39
Fieldpiece STA2140.30175.38182.39
Fisher Scientific 15-078-194140.30175.38182.39
Fisher Scientific Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Fisher Scientific DA40140.30175.38182.39
Fisher Scientific Hot Wire Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Fluke Velocity Probe140.30175.38182.39
General Tools DCFM8906140.30175.38182.39
General Tools HWA4214SD140.30175.38182.39
Generic Air Velocity Probe121.90152.38158.47
Generic Rotating Vane Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
GrayWolf AS-201 Probe295.55369.44384.22
Kanomax 6006-0G140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax 6006-DE140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax 6035-OG274.85343.56357.31
Kanomax 6501-OE69.10N/AN/A
Kanomax 6710430.10537.63559.13
Kanomax 6715654.35817.94850.66
Kanomax 6802140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax 6813140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax 6841140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax A031140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax Air Velocity Meter224.25280.31291.53
Kanomax Anemometer274.85343.56357.31
Kanomax AV-2274.85343.56357.31
Kanomax H-004140.30175.38182.39
Kanomax TA35242.65303.31315.45
Kestrel 3000224.25280.31291.53
Pricing list effective 01/01/2023
Manufacturer and ModelNISTNIST w/AFAccredited
Model not listed? Call for quote
Kestrel 3000 (3pt)177.10221.38230.23
Kimo AMI 300208.15260.19270.60
Kurz 440140.30175.38182.39
Kurz 441S140.30175.38182.39
Kurz 443A140.30175.38182.39
Kurz 444224.25280.31291.53
Kurz 490 Series140.30175.38182.39
Kurz 5418200.10250.13260.13
Lab Safety Supply Vaneometer140.30175.38182.39
Mannix Hot Wire Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Omega CFM140.30175.38182.39
Omega FMA-1000 Series69.10N/AN/A
Omega FMA-900 Series233.45291.81303.49
Omega HH-30A274.85343.56357.31
Omega HH-31A274.85343.56357.31
Omega HHF142B140.30175.38182.39
Omega HHF143 Series Thermo-Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Omega HHF2005HW257.60322.10334.88
Omega Van HH-31274.85353.56357.31
Omega Velocity Meter140.30175.38182.39
Pacer DA300140.30175.38182.39
Pacer DA4000140.30175.38182.39
Pacer Vane Anemometer208.15260.19270.60
REED Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Schiltknecht MiniAir Junior187.45234.31243.69
Schiltknecht Thermo Air 2140.30175.38182.39
Schiltknecht Thermo Air 3140.30175.38182.39
Schiltknecht VPS 103140.30175.38182.39
Solomat Anemometer Probe140.30175.38182.39
Sper Scientific 840001140.30175.38182.39
Sper Scientific 8400034140.30175.38182.39
Sper Scientific 840030140.30175.38182.39
Sper Scientific 850024140.30175.38182.39
Sper Scientific Anemometer140.30175.38.182.39
T04724 Air Velocity Transmitter140.30175.38182.39
Testo 405 V2167.90209.88218.27
Testo 405i140.30175.38182.39
Testo 410-2 Vane Anemometer167.90209.88218.27
Testo 410i Vane Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Testo 416140.30175.38182.39
Testo 417 Vane Anemometer167.90209.88218.27
Testo 425140.30175.38182.39
Testo thermal Anemometer (hot wire probe) 440224.25280.31291.53
Thermo Fisher Scientific HHF81433.55541.94563.62
TSI 1640 Air Velocity Meter266.80333.5346.84
TSI 8320/8325224.25280.31291.53
TSI 8455-06 Transducer238.05297.56309.47
TSI Air Velocity Transducer 8495238.05297.56309.47
TSI Airflow TA35167.90209.88218.27
TSI VelociCalc 5725170.20212.75221.26
TSI VelociCalc 8321274.85343.56357.31
TSI VelociCalc 8345195.50244.38254.15
TSI VelociCalc 8346195.50244.38254.15
TSI VelociCalc 8347266.80333.50346.84
TSI VelociCalc 8350224.25280.31291.33
TSI VelociCalc 8352274.85343.56357.31
TSI VelociCalc 8355274.85343.56357.31
TSI VelociCalc 8357224.25280.31291.33
TSI VelociCalc 8360328.90411.13427.57
TSI VelociCalc 8385 A266.80333.5346.84
TSI VelociCalc 8388328.90411.13427.57
TSI VelociCalc 9515157.55196.94204.82
TSI VelociCalc 9525157.55196.94204.82
TSI VelociCalc 9535190.90238.63248.17
TSI VelociCalc 9545257.60322.10334.88
TSI VelociCalc 955569.10N/AN/A
TSI VelociCalc 956569.10N/AN/A
TSI VelociCalc 9565-P (probe not included)140.30175.38182.39
TSI VelociCalc Plus 8383274.85343.56357.31
TSI VelociCalc Plus 8384224.25280.31291.53
TSI VelociCalc Plus 8386328.90411.13427.57
TSI VelociCheck 8330161.10201.15209.30
TSI VelociCheck 8340162.15202.69210.80
UEi DAFM3189.75237.19246.68
VWR 21800-024140.30175.38N/A
VWR 33500-096140.30175.38182.39
VWR Hot Wire Anemometer140.30175.38182.39
Zefon ZHV00140.30175.38182.39

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Please note the price ranges listed below reflect the option you choose:

Warranty, Evaluation, Standard NIST, NIST with As Found Data or A2LA Accredited 17025 (if applicable).

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