Air Velocity Meter

General dilution ventilation and local exhaust ventilation systems keep your workforce safe, only if they are operating effectively. Properly maintaining your anemometers, whether they are rotating, thermal, swinging vane, or pitot/manometer instrumentation is vital.


We have several calibration wind tunnels by GDJ, TSI, and Omega that are capable of 50 fpm to 9,000 fpm and are traceable to NIST. Our laboratory is also capable of calibrating added functions like relative humidity, temperature, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. All functions are traceable to NIST in our A2LA ISO 17025-2017 accredited laboratory.


Our calibration procedure includes:

-  Velocity comparison to NIST traceable standards

-  Function check of fault sensors

-  Ability to calibrate other sensors RH, T, Pressure, CO, CO2

-  Batteries tested at the manufacturer's specified flow & static pressure

-  Range: 50 fpm - 9,000 fpm

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