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TorsionX Hydraulic Wrench

Industrial Bolting Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the TorsionX product line. When you’re looking for reliability and dependability at the best price, look no further than TorsionX. TorsionX tools are manufactured and assembled in the United States to ensure the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Precision-machined from the best material to give you the greatest torque with control and ease, TorsionX has solutions for all of your bolting needs. Whatever your industry: Natural Gas, Steel, Coal, Chemical, Manufacturing, Oil Refining, Mining, Railroad, Power Generation and Wind Industries, we have the tools you need to do the job right the first time.


At TorsionX they are dedicated to:

Quality workmanship
Quality material
Quality product


The versatile HEXPRO Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench supports an extensive range of interchangeable hexagon ratchet links that deliver a torque range of 162 ft-lbs to 28,861 ft-lbs

(220 Nm to 39,130 Nm).

The HEXPRO delivers precision torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque during bolt breakout. Ratchet Links are interchangeable with other major brand tools.

HEXPRO Features:
- Compact Design
- 1 Year Warranty
 - Multi-Directional Swivel Assembly
 - Anti-Jam Torque Release Lever
 Best in Industry Strength-to-Weight Ratio

HEXPRO Accessories:
- Alco Arm
- Reaction Pad
- Reducer Bushing
- Stack Socket
- Safety Handle

HEXPRO Spanner Links Available

MAXDRV – Square Drive Torque Wrenches take on the toughest bolting jobs without missing a beat. They deliver precision torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque during bolt breakout. They feature a compact design, constructed of aluminum and super high-strength steel alloy for increased strength and durability while minimizing weight. The MAXDRV Series is available from 64 ft-lbs to 18,446 ft-lbs (87 Nm to 25,009 Nm).

MAXDRV Features:
 - Compact Design/Uni-body Housing

-  Multi-Directional Swivel Assembly
-  1 Year Warranty
- Anti-Jam Torque Release Lever
- Best in Industry Strength-To-Weight Ratio

MAXDRV Accessories:
- Alco Arms
- Extended Reaction Arms
- Reaction Sleeves
- Direct Hex Drives
- Square Drives
- Safety Handle

Powerful and reliable when your job demands it. TorsionX offers a full line of torque wrench pumps and associated equipment available for purchase

PWRPAX-115/220 Features:
- Runs Up to 4 Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
- Three-Stage High Performance Pump
- External Adjustable Pressure Regulator
- Heavy Duty Roll Cage
- Remote Control Assembly
- Cooling System
- 10,000 PSI / 690 BAR

 Hour Meter

Product Details:
- 110 volts or 220 volts @ 50/60 hz.
- 110V 13.7 amps—220V 6.75 amps
- 1.5 HP
- 3450 RPM
- Maximum Oil Flow: 610 in³/min, 10.0 L/min
- Reservoir Capacity: 2 Gal/ 7.57 L
- Overall Dimensions: 18” x 15.50” x 18.25” / 45.7       cm x 39.4 cm x 46.4cm
- Weight (Without Oil): 75 lbs./ 34 Kg
- (Available in 4 Port)

Twin Line Hose Assembly from

15 feet to 100 feet complete with fitting also available for purchase

TorsionX Nutlox backup wrenches are designed and manufactured to prevent hex nuts from rotating while applying torque. Nutlox backup wrenches can be utilized while loosening hex nuts.


- Imperial and metric size Easy installation and easy removal
- Hands free
- Heavy duty magnets keep backup wrenches secure on applications

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