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Light Meter Calibration

Lighting needs to be designed with the task in mind. Different activities require certain quality and lighting levels. Ergonomically designed workplaces require enough light to see small parts, for better contrast, and be able to see moving parts much more readily. Safety concerns in parking lots lead to disaster when the public or workers trip over chains or parking bumpers. Testing for adequate lighting will help prevent potential injuries or lawsuits. 


At our light meter calibration and testing lab, we can take accurate foot-candle and luminescence measurements, which are important when making decisions regarding the space or spaces to be illuminated. Selection of the number of lights, the colors, the work surface reflection, soft vs. diffuse can be made wisely when the proper survey is done.

Light meter calibration services can have an impact in a variety of ways including photosensitive materials, OSHA compliance, clean rooms, process capability, quality, liability, security concerns, regulatory violations, and the destruction of sensitive materials.

Ultraviolet light A, B, and C refer to the frequency range of the UV. UVC is the shortest and not long enough to reach our skin; UVB rays come in contact with the outer layer of the skin and cause reddening and cancer; UVA radiation penetrates deeper into the skin, all the way into the inner layers and is responsible for skin aging. UVC rays are actually the strongest but are mostly absorbed by the atmospheric ozone, however, are very damaging to the eyes.

Our white light and ultraviolet lab is set up with the most current International Light Technologies equipment to meet LUX meter calibration standards. Our capabilities include white light (foot-candles, LUX meter) calibrations and ultraviolet meter calibrations for UVA, UVB, and UVC.

· Mercury Xenon lamp source for white light and the UV spectra.
· At CIH, we can check data points of your choosing, from fractions of a lux up to 45,000 lux. Our light meter calibration and LUX meter standardization testing lab uses the best iridescent sources and International Light Meter and sensors in our photonic calibration laboratory.
· Resolution to 0.001 lux.

Ranges: Light (normal) 150 lux to 45000 lux, Light (UVA) 0 mW/cm squared to 5 mW/cm squared, Light (UVB) 0 mW/cm squared to 20 mW/cm squared

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