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Acoustic Calibration

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Occupational hearing loss is one of the most devastating functional losses a person can have. The inability to hear and communicate affects your family life, well-being, and creates unsafe communication issues at work. That is why having a good hearing conservation program at work is essential with baseline audiograms and noise testing. For noise testing, you want to make sure that your sound level meters, microphones, audiometers, noise dosimeters, and octave filters provide quality data.

We know how important quality calibration is to you, that is why our acoustic testing and calibration lab  includes the best of the best equipment manufacturers such as Bruel & Kjaer, G.R.A.S., Norsonic, Hewlett Packard, and Stanford Research Systems. Our standard microphones include Bruel & Kjaer 4180 and 4160 and G.R.A.S. AG27. Our team of experienced technicians performs both ISO 17025:2017 accredited and non-accredited calibrations for audiometers, microphones, and sound level meters.


CIH Equipment Company’s Calibration Procedure Includes: 

· Function check of all components prior to calibration 

· Calibration specific options tailored to your needs 

· Verify range and accuracy according to ANSI S1.4 

· Calibrations are traceable to NIST standards

                                                                                                                  Sound Level Meter Calibration

Additional Service Levels: CIH offers three  levels of service for sound level meters with all levels NIST Traceable and equipped to meet each of our client’s unique acoustic testing and data collection requirements. Accredited A2LA and ‘As Found’ Data and acoustic calibration services are also available for each level, upon request for an additional charge. Note: For Extech and DigiSense models we only test up to 4000Hz.


Audiometer Calibration

Our lab can calibrate most models of audiometers and verification systems. Baseline audiograms are important to any hearing conservation program. Hearing loss is a malady that people, generally, cannot recover from. The loss of communication is significant to both home and work communication. We know how important it is to keep your audiometer calibrated and in good shape and to produce accurate data.


Microphone Calibration

Getting an accredited microphone calibration is just as important as dialing in your audiometer. A separate calibration of your microphone will be able to show a flat response curve or one where several frequencies may be off. You might miss this valuable piece of information if the sound level meter is checked as a whole unit (SLM + microphone combined).


· Measurements made in accordance with IEC 61094
· Sensitivity of the microphone as mV/Pa and dB rel.1V/Pa
· Frequency response using an electrostatic actuator in the frequency range 20-20,000Hz


The expanded uncertainty of the sensitivity measurements is calculated as a combination of the uncertainty of the test system and the repeatability of the measurements. This includes the calculation of the standard deviations, degrees of freedom and coverage factor which are needed to estimate the 95% expanded uncertainty. This is why you need your microphones and audiometers calibrated by an accredited acoustic testing and calibration lab like CIH Equipment Company.

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