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Your health and safety test equipment over time is subject to the effects of aging, temperature, misuse and deterioration. Inaccurate measurements lead to overexposed workers, sick time, industrial illness, and loss of productivity. In processes where health and safety is an overriding concern, a non-functional sensor or meter can create a significant hazard for employees. In heavy regulated industries such as automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and power generation, faulty measurements could expose your organization to the risk of non-compliance.


You can trust CIH Equipment Company with your calibration needs because integrity is at the heart of everything we do. For almost three decades, we are proud to provide outstanding, personalized industrial hygiene test equipment calibration services. We offer assurances through our accreditations and compliance, providing you an amazing customer experience, and by staying current in the industry. 

CIH Equipment Company specializes in industrial hygiene exposure measurement equipment calibration, i.e., sound meters, particle counters, gas meters, air samplers, indoor air quality meters, ventilation test equipment, and heat stress monitors. CIH Equipment Company is A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited. Incorporated in 1993 and based in Clearwater, Florida, CIH Equipment Company is a privately-held metrology company structured to serve the occupational, safety and health field.

David J. Silver, Ph.D., CIH (Retired), is President and CEO of CIH Equipment Company, Inc. With over 35 years experience in servicing national Health and Safety businesses, Dr. Silver is an expert in the industrial hygiene field.With multi-faceted experience in the private and governmental consultative arenas of Industrial Hygiene, David Silver's expertise is exemplary. He previously held the position of Director of the Tampa Bay area of Industrial Hygienists, and was Communications Director of the Florida Industrial Hygiene Association. Certified by the Board of American Industrial Hygiene with over 50 years in the occupational safety and health industry, Dr. Silver's unique combination of practical knowledge, expertise and experience is a rare commodity in today's industrial hygiene market place.


Our highly qualified staff includes a diverse group of engineers with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, experienced technicians, and military veterans. 

Since 1993, CIH has delivered a comprehensive range of industrial hygiene test equipment calibration and repair for leading organizations across a wide range of sectors, and we have built lasting partnerships with companies such as Pfizer, American Airlines, BASF, NASA, British Petroleum, the US Military, Exxon Mobil, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dow Pharmaceuticals, BMW, and General Motors. See more on our What to Expect page.

CIH Equipment also specializes in calibration labs that include aerosols, gases, particles, sound, noise, environmental factors, temperature, relative humidity, velocity, flow, air samples, light, vibration, accelerometers, ergonomic push pull testers, torque, dust monitors, and more. Learn more about our Calibration Labs.

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