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Calibration Services

Since 1993, we are proud to provide outstanding, personalized industrial hygiene test equipment calibration services. CIH Equipment specializes in calibration labs that include aerosols, gases, particles, sound, noise, environmental factors, temperature, relative humidity, velocity, flow, air samples, light, vibration, accelerometers, ergonomic push pull testers, torque, dust monitors, and more. With efficient, honest and an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, you can rest assured that we get your industrial hygiene test equipment back to you in tip top shape, as quickly as possible, and at the best possible price. 


A2LA ISO 17025:2017 : A Pass (in tolerance) or Fail (out of tolerance) result indicates all measured values fall within or outside unmodified limits.  The statement of compliance does not take the reported measurement uncertainty into account.


Interval: will be one year unless otherwise notated in the comments section of RMA form.

RMA System

Welcome to our RMA System for your service, repair and calibration submissions. You can manage your orders by creating an account online and completing the RMA Form for any equipment sent in for service. View 'What to Expect' for more details on the entire ordering process.


Select your equipment from the links below, then complete the RMA form. If you don't see your make and model listed on our site, please call us at 727-584-5063 and we will add it. Our RMA shows the pricing for different types of calibration, including expedite fees.

Once you submit your RMA form, print out the email you receive and include that Order Summary printout with your shipment. If the response back with your order number states that payment for your order is required or pending, please ignore! We will bill you after your order is completed. Return shipping will be calculated when the equipment is returned to you. 

Our shipping address is: CIH Equipment Company, Inc. 1806 S. Highland Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756. Questions, please email us at, or call us at 727-584-5063.

Click your model below to start your RMA, or view pricing.

If you don't see your make or model, just call us at 1-888-873-2443 and we'll add it.

Please note the price ranges listed below reflect the option you choose:

Warranty, Evaluation, Standard NIST, NIST with As Found Data or A2LA Accredited 17025 (if applicable).

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