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Your particle counter’s optics and algorithms used to compute particle size distribution is unique to a particular manufacturer. The most common hand held particle counters read in channels from 0.3 to 10 microns aerodynamic particle size. Your usage may vary, however, OPCs are used in clean rooms, laboratories, filter efficiency, respiratory deposition studies, and indoor air quality evaluations. They can give you a firsthand look at particle size distribution that is very useful when designing engineering controls.


Laser technology allows for more portable, lighter meters with touch screen, self-verification, data logging, and reporting.  Particle counter calibration services are important in meeting current standards for better accuracy and verification of count data.  Calibration at CIH Equipment Company verifies count data using NIST traceable PSL spheres of known standard deviation and coefficient of variation (CV). 


Particle Counter Calibration Process at CIH Equipment

-  Particle counter calibration system to deliver dry monodisperse particles of known size and concentration.

-  Comparison to NIST traceable monodisperse particles of a specified size, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation.  Controlled monodisperse dry salt particles for particle counters measuring >3 micrometer particle sizes.

-  The reproducibility of our measurements is achieved through proper design and verified through appropriate count calibration procedures and standard reference counters.

Ranges: 1000 particles up to 40000 particles (concentration), 0.7 LPM to 28.3 LPM (Flow Rate)


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