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Safety Test & Measurement Equipment Repair

Industrial Hygiene Health and Safety Test Equipment Repairs

Safety Test & Measurement Equipment Repair & MaintenanceCIH Equipment Company repairs and maintains industrial hygiene equipment, safety test equipment and measurement equipment, and we provide you with the same level of consideration when your item is in our hands. Even the best, high performance, measurement instruments require annual calibration, equipment repair and regular maintenance to ensure they continue to provide the most accurate data possible. When it comes to lab and measurement equipment repair service, CIH Equipment Company is the company to choose. With efficient, honest and an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, you can rest assured that we get your industrial hygiene test equipment back to you in tip top shape as quickly as possible and at the best possible price.

With our lab measurement equipment repair services, our experienced technicians help extend the life of your industrial hygiene health and safety test equipment. Repairs include fault tracing, which occasionally requires repair or replacement of failing components. Once these components are identified and corrective action is completed, the calibration can be done to ensure your measurement equipment is functioning according to the specifications.

A Word About Integrity

It's not enough to just have top-of-the-line safety test equipment and industrial hygiene health equipment, it's knowing how to troubleshoot and having the patience to work deep into the problem. Many shops turn away repairs on obsolete equipment or equipment that they can't turn around in a few minutes. If it takes more than an hour for them, it's "unrepairable". With CIH Equipment Company, almost nothing is unrepairable, as long as parts are available and the unit is not proprietary adjustable, we can work on most anything cost effectively.

Legacy Equipment Repairs

CIH Equipment can repair many different types of legacy equipment (TSI, Gilian, Quest, RAE, Testo, Extech, Alnor, SKC, MSA and Casella, to name a few). Since 1993, we have been your one-stop shop for all of your equipment calibration and repairs needs.

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